Post 27: Every Rise has a Fall….

#WiseSurya says:

As a great saying

‘Whenever there is a rise in the stock market there has to be a fall..’

For smart investor, the decision rest on the entry and exit point.

As we can see from our Indian Stock Market CNX Nifty 50  which has closed today (12th Oct. 2017) at the 10096 points, generating the resistance level at 10146 and 10430. Meanwhile, also trying to maintain its support level at 9975 and 9685 respectively.

For Smart Investor, the decision relies on the entry and exit point on a particular stock by following the Principle of Caveat Emptor.


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  1. Today, market (Nifty50) has made its all time high of 10,803. Thus, opening the new resistance levels of 10,900 and 11,500 back with a support of 10,500 and 10,683 levels.

    Keep Cautious and Stay Invested.

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