A sole proprietary of Mr. Sanchit Taksali, Certified Financial Planner (CFP^CM), MBA – Finance has worked with several financial firms to understand the Library of Personal Finance and how it affects an individual’s in making their life financial decisions.

Mr. Taksali believes that Investiture will provide an emotionless optimal solution to Client’s Personal Financial Issues which lets them take wise decision in life. He also believes that with the help of Investiture, every client will get a Financial Friend who not only advises but also guide them towards the Path of Financial Wellbeing.

Thus, puts Investiture on a mission to search and provide Comprehensive Financial Planning Services with right tools & unbiased advice.
As a great saying ‘Friend in a Need is a Friend Indeed’.The goal of Investiture is to help friends in identifying and measuring their dreams into financial goals and making it a reality with the most possible efficient strategies.